Wool-Filled Mattresses, Pillows, Mulberry Silk Sheets and Pillowcases for Kimberly Hinrichs

“Wow my bed is amazing! I received it very well packaged and secure. Homeofwool answered all my questions and helped me pick the best size for my adjustable bed. I needed to match my husbands side as it is a split king. It is made so well and really beautiful. I got the wool cover on the bed (2) pieces and the silk sheet to cover. I couldn’t be more happy. I have spent a full week now and don’t suffer with the terrible night sweats. Just rotated it was a bit heavy but with help it was fine. I’m glad I spent the money on a bed I know I will be enjoying for many many years. No dust mites either!! Love wool. Thank you Home of Wool!!”
“I love my pillow and cases. The pillow arrived well packaged and safe. The pillow was a bit stuffed to much for me, so I unzipped it and removed some of the wool. I love how you can customize it that way! Very comfortable and no more hot head at night. Will order more as Homeofwool is the best.”
 “I love my silk cases. The healing properties of this natural product are wonderful. Along with my wool pillow I sleep like a baby. Thanks again Home of Wool for the great products you make.” – Kimberly Hinrichs on Nov 16, 2017