Wool-Filled Queen Mattress with Cotton Cover for Taryn

“After a lot of indecisiveness and weighting the risk of buying a queen size mattress from across the world that we couldn’t try out first, we took the plunge and finally received this 100% wool mattress (outer layer is oeko tex certified unbleached cotton) in the mail today all the way from Bulgaria from @homeofwool . We haven’t given it a full nights rest and Rainy thinks it’s a giant dog bed – our (husband, dog, and myself) initial reaction is that it is pure luxury (and we had a luxury mattress as defined by western standard) and this was so worth the wait. We almost fell asleep when we rolled it out of the packaging…it smells so good, like put your face in it and take a deep whiff, good 😍 It smells so natural(no off-gassing) and I can’t believe every bed isn’t made of wool. I’ll report back in a month and give you an update on if we sleep better, if husband has reduced pain and if I have reduced skin allergies(all reasons we sourced a wool mattress). Now we’re just patiently waiting for an appropriate time to go to bed…😂”- Taryn Trzcinski on Dec 1, 2017 v